A clean car is not just appealing to the eye; it’s also safe to drive. Regular cleaning helps you avoid buildups of dust and dirt that can damage sensitive parts like your engine, brakes and radiator. In addition, auto detailing can help you maintain resale value. A detailed, well-maintained vehicle looks newer and more attractive to prospective buyers.

An auto detailer performs a much more thorough job of cleaning than a simple car wash. It involves a process called “decontamination” to make sure all surfaces are free of bound contaminants like tree sap, tar and iron fallout. During decontamination, your detailing technician may use chemical sprays or automotive clay to remove impurities from the surface of your car’s paint. Then, he or she will polish and wax the exterior of your vehicle to give it that showroom shine.

The interior of your car is another area that gets a lot of attention. This includes a thorough cleaning, shampooing and conditioning of the seats, floor mats and trunk area. Many detailers will even sanitize the rims and dash panels of your vehicle to remove odors, smoke residue, bugs and other contaminants that collect in hard-to-reach places.

Most professional detailers will clean the windshield and windows of your vehicle. This is especially important during spring and summer, when pollen and smog can be a problem for your car’s visibility. The detailers will often wipe the glass down with a degreaser, rinse and then dry it with a microfiber cloth to remove smudges and give your windshield a clear view.

Many detailers will also clean the engine of your vehicle. This is an important part of the detailing process because it’s difficult to do at home. The engine will be sprayed with a degreaser and then rinsed to remove oil and grime from the engine bay. Afterwards, the detailer will apply a protective sealant to keep rubber and silicone components from deteriorating.

Once the exterior of your vehicle is polished and waxed, the detailer will then touch up any nicks or scratches. Small nicks and scratches can be repaired using touchup paint, while larger areas might need to be wet-sanded, sanded, hand-rubbed and then painted.

Having the right tools and supplies is essential for successful auto detailing. A high-quality rotary machine, for example, is more expensive than a basic electric model. A good quality car detail brush is also needed to remove stubborn dirt and debris from cracks, crevices and other hard-to-reach places. Lastly, a quality detailing business management software can help you run your business efficiently and professionally, keeping track of packages, pricing, estimates, invoices and other essential information. Mobile Tech RX is an excellent option for car detailing business owners who want to streamline their business processes and increase profits. Start your free trial of Mobile Tech RX today to see how it can make your business better. You’ll be glad you did..

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