How would you feel about making money from recovering good but abandoned smelly refrigerators and freezers and selling them to people who need them to replace the one they through out?

Would you like to make up the money you lost because of the storms effect on your job?

Well, here is your opportunity!One of the most wide spread types of problems caused by hurricanes and floods is long term power outages. One of the effects of the power outages is that refrigerators and freezers don’t work that well. In fact they don’t work at all.

Very often there is not time or inclination to remove the food from them before the storm and resulting power failure. Or the power failure lasts longer than expected. During the 2005 hurricane season in Florida and the gulf coast 10s of thousands of refrigerators and freezers were simply set out for the garbage because they smelled so bad, and the insurance companies would just pay for new ones when the insurance covered them, otherwise, the owner was stuck with replacing it themselves out of their pocket.

Granted, these refrigerators can smell very bad, but they are amazingly easy to recover when you use the proper procedures and products in the process. The procedure is really simple!

You just hose out the interior with a low pressure (1300 psi with a 40 degree nozzle) electric or gas power washer, and spray the interior with a solution of 1 part OdorXit Concentrate and 30 parts water. Normally 16 ounces of solution (1/2 ounce of concentrate) will eliminate the odor in a refrigerator or freezer completely in a few hours.

The catch is that you need to remove as much of the food residue as possible and cover the interior with OdorXit solution…the shelves, walls, door, drawers, gaskets, freezer, every square inch and don’t forget the drip pan underneath. In less than an hour you can convert an abandoned nasty smelling refrigerator or freezer into a ready to use/sell used refrigerator or freezer in and area where new refrigerators are selling at a premium. One of the things you will learn is that there are 4 types of double door refrigerators.

1.Type one is the side by side style. These are the big easy to clean guys

2.Type two is the over under with the freezer on the bottom; these are pretty big and easy to clean.

3.Type three has the freezer on the top with the cooling coils in the back of the freezer. These are small to pretty big and easy to clean.

4.Type four has the freezer on the top with the cooling coils in the floor of the freezer. These are difficult to recover because the odor has accumulated in the cooling coil chamber. They require that the floor of the freezer be removed to gain access to the cooling chamber for additional cleaning. . Given that there are lots of abandon refrigerators to choose from, leave the type four units for the truck with the pincher pickup unit.

The question we always get from storm victims is “Why have I not heard of this stuff before?”, and the answer is;

With the entire economy disrupted in the area where OdorXit is needed, and no TV or Radio to speak of after a big storm, the communications are pretty poor. And what ad space is available is very expensive!

Secondly, we do advertise every Saturday and Sunday morning on the “At home with Gary Sullivan” home fix up show. But if you don’t need a product the ads, endorsements and usage recommendation are just ignored.

The fact that you are reading this article and there is no storm on the horizon is pretty encouraging.

If you live in the area or have a travel trailer, a pickup truck, a gas powered pressure washer, a couple of clean natural colored plastic 55 gallon drums of fresh water for the pressure washer, a refrigerator dolly, a clean deck sprayer and a supply of OdorXit Concentrate, you could be making a couple thousand dollars a day cleaning and selling abandoned refrigerators. If you have a small generator that is big enough to run a refrigerator, you could improve your sales by demonstrating that the refrigerators actually work. camping refrigerator

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