In creating green lawns and beautiful gardens at home, many resort to weed control products. Although some weeds are not hideous, they all harm the neighboring plants because they deplete the soil of nutrients that are supposed to be absorbed by your precious plants.

Many weeds are quick and strong in absorbing the nutrients available in the soil, depriving your plants of the essential elements for their growth and survival. When this happens, the weeds become healthy while your flowering plants or lawn becomes dry and weak. In time, they will wither and be replaced by annoying weeds.

There are three main types of weed control in the market. These are the mechanical, organic, and chemical.

In mechanical, there is no product involved. Rather, it describes the approach used in controlling or removing the weeds. Using your hands, you pull the weeds from off the surface together with their roots. Sometimes, weeds can have strong roots system, particularly if they are already mature. They easily establish a good root system deep into the soil.

However, there are instances in which the root system of your plants may also be damaged while you are pulling the weeds out from the garden. Or, even when you managed to pull them out properly and safely, there might be a great chance that the weeds will grow again, if they have seeds.

Seeds from weeds are very quick in germinating. What others do in order to prevent the seed germination is to spread rock salt on the area. Nevertheless, you should practice precaution as salt will also harm your plants. Also, after pulling out the weeds, they should be thrown into a bin or wrapped with a plastic bag or sack.

Another type of mechanical weed control is to have a minimum space between plants. This is to crowd out weeds. The least amount of space available, the least likely they will grow.

Weeds that grow on driveways and sidewalks can be burned with propane torch, a non-chemical method of removing unwanted weeds.

With the save-the-environment campaign getting stronger and earning a lot of support from the public, many prefer to use organic weed control. It has no ingredients harmful to humans, plants, and to the environment.

One of the organic weed control products is mulch. It is among the favorites of gardeners because it is effective. Mulch deprives the weeds of the needed light, especially if you use layers of newspaper onthe landscape and put them under the mulch. They boost the effectiveness of the mulch.

Besides mulch, other organic weed control includes the use of vinegar, boiling water, alcohol, and dishwashing soap.

Chemical weed control products are those that are called herbicides, grass weed control, fertilizer and weed control, and garden weed control.

These weed control products are especially formulated to kill specific types of weeds with the chemicals contained in the products. So, in order to know which specific chemical weed control is right for you, you must know the type of weed you are dealing. Pax Pods wholesale

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