In a post-pandemic world, organizations that thrive will be those that reach and engage today’s decentralized deskless workforce. To do so, they’ll need the right employee communication app.

Among the best internal communications apps are those that combine project management tools with workflow solutions for unified team communication. A great example is Basecamp, which allows users to create and manage projects via an intuitive dashboard. The company also offers a range of collaboration and engagement features that allow teams to stay connected and aligned.

Then there’s Slack, a popular choice for teams looking to communicate across platforms and devices. It’s known for its robust functionality and searchable message history. However, it does have a few drawbacks such as occasional lags or glitches and the lack of customization options.

A number of other employee communication apps provide ways for managers to distribute information, gather feedback and facilitate real-time conversations with remote and field workers. For instance, the mobile-first app Beekeeper connects frontline employees not working at a desk with team leaders and managers in one easy-to-use app on desktop or mobile. The app also delivers work schedules, conducts surveys and provides access to documents and analytical reporting.

Viva Engage is another employee communications tool that helps companies get everyone on the same page by creating a digital newsroom and people directory. Its personalized intranet feed surfaces relevant content to employee groups and can be accessed via desktop, mobile or digital signage. It’s a great option for companies that have existing, robust intranets but are struggling to make them user-friendly. Pricing for Viva Engage is customized to each organization, so you’ll need to contact the company to request a quote. best employee communication apps

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