Due to the demands of the people for safety, there are a lot of self defense measures available today. Based on your personal preference, you can choose from a wide variety of ideas from learning the skills to owning a protective device. Skills can include the wide selection of martial arts which will teach you different techniques to defend the self when caught in a situation where you have nothing in hand and someone attacks you. Moreover, devices are designed today to fit and provide the needs of the people. Very handy, fashionable and tricky styles of the devices have proven to be effective to provide you with the protection that you need.

If you are too busy to learn the skills, you can opt to bringing a stunning device which most people do. Stun gun is one of the widely used defensive devices carried by many today. It is a small and handy device which can be placed inside your pockets or handbags where you can immediately grab in case you need it. It may amaze you how a small device can put down your attacker. The fact is great things can come in small packages. How stun guns work will really amuse you.

You can owe your life to a simple stun gun. Actually, stun guns will do its work with the usual 9-volt batteries. Inside a small stunning device, there is a circuit that contains several electrical components. Once you switch the device on, electricity is provided by the battery to the circuit. The circuit then which consists of the electrical components or the transformers is the one that multiplies the energy given by the battery. Aside from that it has an oscillator which regulates a pattern of current of electricity. The current produced will charge the capacitor which releases its full charge to the electrodes.

The electrodes have a certain gap because it needs a conductor to take its effect. One of the best conductors of electricity is the skin. Moreover, when you turned on the device and you are still preparing for the target to come closer, the electric current between the charged electrodes can produce a spark and noise visible and audible to the attacker. Even with the sight and sound of the stun gun it can take your attacker off guard and may scare him away. This will surely give the assailant a surprise that you have something ready to defend yourself.

Anyone would not wish to be stunned. The feeling of temporary pain and incapacitation is not what we wish to experience. That is why this device is a very effective form of self defense. Even with just the sight of you holding one, the attacker will already think twice if they will pursue their evil plan. However, if they are still eager to attack you then be ready and confident enough to get a grip of your stun gun in hand and let your attacker have a taste of what you can do. 12 volt 20ah battery

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