Cruising in Greece is an alternative approach to discover Greece and its wonderful islands, while investigating small sheltered bays, remote islands, perfect shorelines and turquoise blue waters. You can sunbathe or lay on untouched – by tourism – shorelines that must be arrived at by sea.

Cruising in Greece with a sailing yacht provides you the opportunity to really encounter what you have been imagining; swooping off your cruising yacht into the completely clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, loosening up on deck getting a cool beverage, listening to the waves sprinkling against the yacht’s or find wrecks, lovely reefs, different fish species, incredible jump destinations by diving from your private yacht

Without any doubts scuba diving is ranked higher and higher among all the sea activities every year. Certified divers have the opportunity to invade the underwater world, explore the unknown kingdom of silence and experience the unique feeling of swinging in the big blue.

In this direction, Greece with a new legislation, more flexible I could say, allows amateur diving all over the country, of course with a few exceptions of certain areas. The whole procedure is simplified, welcoming everyone in the Greek seas.

Trying to follow the new development sailing yacht rental companies are cooperating with a certified diving center in Paros offering full packages of sailing – diving vacations in the Cyclades. The Greek islands are a real heaven on earth, over and under the water. Breathtaking shipwrecks, caves, amazing fauna and flora, crystal clear water can be found everywhere around the coasts of our islands.

Get the advantage of being on a skippered sailing yacht and at the same time go diving as many times as you wish during your cruise.

Experienced skippers will take you to the most secluded places in the Cyclades from where the instructors of the diving center will pick you up with their boats, heading towards an amazing diving spot.

On board the big inflatable boat you will find full equipment for everyone, great hospitality, correct advises and tips for the area. When the dive will be over you will be transferred back on our sailing yacht where your skipper will be waiting for you with a nice drink ready to hoist sails and continue further the itinerary.

In this way the two activities are separate. Two different boats make our life easy and comfortable, trying to keep your excitement alive until the very last day. tulum yacht tour

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