They mainly work through tretinoin receptors and related receptors of steroid hormone nuclear receptor family.Studies from cosmetics material have shown that RAR± plays a key role for tretinoin to inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells. It can be used as an indicator to guide the clinical application of retinoic acid treatment of breast cancer, and its mRNA expression is related to the estrogen receptor. Retinoic acid plays an important role in the proliferation and differentiation of breast cancer, its combination with retinoic acid receptors and related receptors) play a role. The study found that retinoic acid on breast cancer cell growth inhibition associated with ER. Retinoic acid of the ER-positive breast cancer cell growth can be inhibited and ER-negative breast cancer cells to retinoic acid tolerance.

ER-positive breast cancer cells of RAR± mRNA expression was significantly higher than the ER-negative cells, the expression of other receptor subtypes was no significant difference between the two cell types. RAR± and there is a certain relationship between the ER and retinoic acid. RAR± and mRNA high expression of retinoic acid inhibits breast cell growth is directly related to, play a key role of RAR± in retinoic acid inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells. RAR± also permit the application of retinoic acid treatment and prevention of breast cancer as guide clinical indicators.

In addition, Chinese scientists first discovered that cheap tretinoin can inhibit lung transplant rejection. The key to solve the problem of immune regulation after organ transplantation is the tregs cells, which also known as regulatory T cells. It is not only in maintaining immune homeostasis and prevention of autoimmune diseases play an important role, it can effectively inhibit organ transplant rejection after the reaction rates. However, Tregs cell lung transplantation ineffective, mainly because the lungs and the outside world of hollow organs, easy to produce a more severe inflammatory response in patients after lung transplantation. In this inflammatory environment, Tregs can be transformed into Th17 cells, which can be accelerated obliterative bronchiolitis occurrence of severe cases lead to death of lung transplant patients.

All-trans tretinoin can stabilize the tregs cells and inhibit its conversion to Th17 cells in the inflammatory environment. Even in the environment of inflammation after lung transplantation in human body, tregs can still maintain its immunosuppressive function and inhibit conversion to Th17 cells. All-trans tretinoin has been widely used in the treatment of cancer, leukemia, bone marrow dysplasia disease. The research has opened up new opportunities for prevention and treatment of lung transplant rejection reaction in the field of transplantation immunology. tretinoin vs retinol

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