Amongst the innumerable attainments of inspirers and founder-seers of culture viz. great Rishis of yore, the priceless value and importance of Mantra Science is one without a second. It is because of this capability that they were called Rishis. The Vedas say that: ‘Rishiyo mantra drishtaraha’ which means Rishi is one who has done Mantra Sadhana or spiritual practices, experienced profundity and attained many multifaceted benefits. Texts based on the profound experiences of great Rishis of yore clearly say that man has a strong and well defined bond with divine cosmic consciousness. But due to obstructions in the form of mental taints, agitated thoughts and veil of spiritual ignorance abounding in it has created an upheaval like situation. Lest problems occur in wires conjoining fans, tube lights etc in our room to the powerhouse yet both fans and other electrical gadgets despite remaining as they are shall not work at all. Thus Mantra practices are a well defined technique that reinstates strength in weakened bonds. It is the royal path that conjoins the devotee’s soul to divine cosmic consciousness called Almighty God in layman’s parlance.

As per the book titled ‘Antaryoga’ authored by Mahayogi Anirvan choice of words for weaving various Mantras has been done on the basis of intense experiences along with divine consciousness by master spiritual seers of Yoga Sciences. By itself these words chosen are messages of cultural aphorisms and sentiments of life’s  uplifting. But much more important than this is the weaving of words in Mantras. The famous text on Mantra Science called ‘Mantra Maharnav’ has accepted both these principles. According to it Mantra means mental reflection and deep cogitation, science, wisdom and knowledge. The nature of mental reflection and deep cogitation is attained via Mantra Energy. Mental reflection called Manan means thinking again and again regarding a particular topic. That thought which we try to reinstate in our mind by thinking again and again about it becomes the very nature of our mind. Hence Mantra Energy gets molded as per the mind. Along with this it is called that science and wisdom from which energy emerges. It bestows that wisdom and light due to which spiritual ignorance and darkness in the soul can be warded off. Via its practice such changes occur in the inner recesses of our consciousness due to which divine energy and bliss start manifesting. multi room audio systems

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