Dad jokes are those corny puns and one-liners that fathers around the world can’t help but tell. They’re the kind of wholesome humor that makes kids laugh and kids cringe—because they’re a little bit too cheesy for their own good! But we’re here to tell you, there are some dad jokes that are actually really funny.

So here are some of our favorite funny dad jokes to make you smile and groan all at once!

What do you call a frog that won’t hide? It’s a toad.

Why shouldn’t you play hide and seek with a leopard? Because they’re always spotted.

How many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh? Ten tickles.

What does a baby computer call its father? It calls him Data.

Why was the broom late to school? Because it over-swept.

Why were the pirates so bad at singing the alphabet song? They got stuck at C.

These cheesy jokes for kids are sure to put a smile on their faces! So go ahead and share these fun jokes with your friends and family. Just don’t forget to add your own dad jokes to the list! You never know when your next punch line will be a dad joke! And if you’re looking for more funny jokes, check out our articles on math jokes, history jokes, science jokes, grammar jokes, and music jokes. We’ve also got some awesome jokes for teachers that will definitely make your students groan!

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