Your socks may be one of the most underappreciated accessories in your wardrobe, but they’re essential for keeping your feet comfortable and avoiding blisters. Whether you prefer a classic pair of crew socks women or need some long socks for winter, find the perfect pair in this collection from Lands’ End.

Ankle Socks

For an everyday look that’s sure to keep your feet cool and dry, opt for ankle socks for women. These socks sit just above the ankle and can be worn with casual shoes and work attire. They’re also a great choice for warm weather when you want to keep your feet cool and comfy.

Hiking Socks

The ideal pair of socks for hiking is thick and breathable to help reduce the amount of cold air that reaches your feet. These socks are typically made from wool or thick cotton and sit higher up on the leg to prevent blisters from rubbing against your boots.

Compression Socks

The PAPLUS Low-Cut Ankle Compression Sock is a top-rated Amazon best-seller with more than 4,500 riveting reviews. These socks provide consistent compression-based support to encourage healthy blood flow throughout your legs while providing a sleek, flattering knee-high fit.

Everyone from your rambunctious 10-year-old who loves crazy socks to your grandma who’ll appreciate a simple pair of mismatched socks for lounging will love this collection. You’ll even find socks that come in cat and unicorn designs for the cat lady in your life, along with a wide variety of other fun patterns and colors. women’s bamboo socks

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