Whether you are an employer or an employee, employment law is a complex field that covers everything from hiring to firing; the conditions under which you work and how you get paid (e.g., minimum wage, overtime, tipped and commission pay); the rights you have if you are an independent contractor or a tipped employee, as opposed to a salaried employee; and the laws that protect your safety on the job. As a result, employment lawyers often deal with very difficult issues that require a deep understanding of complex regulations and changing laws and an ability to communicate with clients in a sensitive and compassionate manner.

Even the most conscientious employers sometimes find themselves in need of employment law help. New opinions and lawsuits arise all the time, interpreting and challenging existing laws in unexpected ways that can have enormous financial consequences for businesses. For example, an error in how a business classifies its workers — for instance, by misclassifying a worker as exempt from overtime rules — could cost it thousands of dollars over years and result in legal action from the government or from employees who file a lawsuit.

It’s also smart to run any major employment decision through a lawyer, especially when it will affect large numbers of people. An experienced employment attorney can spot potential legal pitfalls and offer advice on how to avoid them. In addition, a good employment lawyer can quickly review and troubleshoot the various employment-related contracts and agreements that you use with your employees such as employment contracts, severance contracts or releases. Employment Lawyer

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