A lot of people are starting to like the more colorful diamonds more than the original clear white diamond. A lot of diamond colors come from the earth from which they are mined, but others jewelers color to make them look good. So to make it cheaper on the buyer, jewelers have made less expensive stones that are just less in value to sell to those looking for a cheap stone.

Natural stones can be treated and cleaned with a high heat system called irradiation and other stones are painted to raise value. Many people like stones to have no color and consider them to be more of value but others enjoy the bright colors in their stones. Most colored diamonds are mined that way naturally. Some may turn green from heat and radiation others from nitrogen causing yellow stones.

The scales in which the two types are looked at are colored diamonds and regular diamonds. A colored stone is based on the blue colors found, and then they are scored on the potency of that color. If you were to have a very colorful shiny stone then it would probably be worth more than all your others put together. A treated diamond will often be more of value then a colored diamond unless the colored diamond you have you found.

A lot of all diamonds today are mined and still dug up but others have found ways to make these incredible stones. Even though a man made diamond is a synthetic diamond it’s still made in the same environment as a regular one. They are made in labs the same way they are created naturally, the process is just sped up a few million years!

Since colorful stones come in all kinds of colors it’s often hard to tell what the color is. Most of the time you will have two colors in the stone that are a greenish blue. Every stone has a color description and might even have a second description as well. If a diamond is called a blue stone than it probably is a blue shiny stone. If you have heard of a greenish blue diamond then you probably don’t even know what it is.

You will be thinking is it blue or green? The main color is the second one mentioned and the other seen as an adjective is second. So more than likely a greenish blue diamond is just a stone that’s blue with green highlights in it. Others may be all kinds of colors it all depends on the stone. diamond painting eigenes foto

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