An Electrician engineer is the one in charge of creating, installing, and repairing electrical systems, devices, and equipment. They are in charge of everything from designing power generators to compact GPS systems and ensuring they meet all industry regulations and standards. They are also in charge of conducting tests and repairs, drafting digital models using CAD software, and improving upon various product features.

The job is incredibly rewarding and fascinating as well. Working as an electrical engineer allows you to push the boundaries of technology and create solutions that benefit millions of people at once. For those who are a good fit for the job, the career offers great benefits and competitive salaries.

To get started, an aspiring electrical engineer needs to complete a four-year degree program from an accredited college that offers engineering or a related subject. The program should include courses on the physics and mathematics of electricity and electromagnetism. Those who wish to work in the field as licensed engineers must also pass a state exam and gain at least four years of experience under the supervision of a professional engineer.

If you want to pursue the career, it is a good idea to focus on upper-level math and science classes while in high school, especially those that are offered for college credit. Taking part in any clubs, camps, or extracurricular activities that focus on electronics is also helpful as it can help foster the necessary skills for a successful career as an electrical engineer.

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