What is a Socket Screw?
A socket screw is a type of threaded fastener that features an internal hexagon drive hole that can be installed using a wrench or hex key. This makes them easy to install, tighten or loosen and provides more strength than standard hex screws. They’re often used in applications that require high tensile or clamping strengths such as in construction, metal fabrication and industrial production.

These fasteners are also known as Allen key screws, socket head bolts or socket cap screws and come in various sizes, head types, drives and materials. They’re commonly used in a variety of projects and applications, both indoors and outdoors. They’re able to withstand high levels of pressure, temperature and corrosion and are a good choice for heavy-duty projects that don’t leave room for a traditional hex head.

They’re available in a range of sizes, with both inch and metric sizes available. Some are plated with brass while others are solid brass, which is usually preferable for outdoor or exposure environments. Plating can be less resistant to corrosion than solid brass, so it’s important to consider this factor when choosing the appropriate product.

Different kinds of socket screws include flat head, countersunk or button heads. All of these fasteners generate a compressive load, which is different than the tensile force that is generated by most other screws. They’re often used to secure items in place, including woodwork, machinery and electronics. Socket Screw

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