A water tank is an integral part of the drinking water supply in most buildings and homes. In fact, the plumbing code in New York City requires that all tanks that store or pressurize building drinking water be inspected and cleaned annually. To avoid health risks, it’s recommended that you look for a qualified water tank cleaners near me to handle these tasks.

Professional cleaning services can include cleaning both above-ground and underground water tanks as well as septic systems. They use high-performance vacuum pumps to remove any sludge and sediment from the bottom of your tank and can usually do so without emptying the tank which saves you the expense of refilling it. Once the sludge is removed, your tank can be cleaned and sanitized before being refilled with fresh drinking water.

After the tank is cleaned and sanitized, it’s important to rinse out the interior of the tank to make sure no bleach solution remains. Rinsing is a critical step since bleach is toxic and not something you want to drink. Some professionals also recommend running the bleach solution through your home’s water pipes to sanitize them as well.

A quality water tank cleaning company can perform a variety of environmental contracting services including fuel oil tank removal, industrial decommissioning, emergency spill response and clean up, waste handling & disposal, soil & sediment excavation & dredging, site remediation, backfill & grading and landfill/lagoon closure. Their services are used in a variety of industries including refinery, petrochemical, mining, energy, lab research, food processing, steel and primary metals as well as commercial and residential applications. water tank cleaners near me

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