The right usb headsets can help you have the perfect audio experience for whatever your use case is. We’ve got models that are ideal for gamers who want to hear their opponents coming, teleworkers who need a great audio experience and those who need to make video calls with crystal clear audio, so you can feel like you’re in the same room as your co-workers.

We’ve got USB headsets with hard-wired cables that connect directly to your computer, as well as those that use a wireless USB dongle to free you from wires and give you more freedom of movement. Some have a 3.5mm jack so you can also use them on a phone or tablet, and they’re compatible with all major softphones and voice applications.

Our selection of wired, dual ear USB headsets will give you plenty of choices from top business grade manufacturers that all offer foam cushions, minimal headband padding and basic microphone noise canceling. You’ll find models at every price point, from very inexpensive to high-end stereo quality. Some even come with technology that can reduce extraneous sounds such as lawn mowers, kids fighting or other background noises – this is something you don’t usually see in budget headsets.

The latest model in the Plantronics Blackwire range is a mid-range USB headset with a dual ear design that has excellent sound quality and comes with features you don’t normally see in budget models. It’s got a noise cancelling mic that reduces background noise so your voice is heard clearly and a battery life of up to four hours, which is pretty good for a budget headset. It even has a mute button on the headset itself, so you don’t need to go into your software to turn it on and off.

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