If you are not happy with the way the world is, you can change it! That is what we are trying to do through United For Autism.

Statistics tell us that 1 in 150 children have Autism. These statistics are based on a study done on 8 year old children. This number does not include everyone on the Autism Spectrum. These numbers would be much higher if the study was done on everyone with Autism. This is why our non-profit organization was formed and founded. United for therapy for adults with autism provides assistance to families living with Autism. We are also an organization that promotes Autism Awareness, Support, Research, treatments and that Autism is completely treatable.

We have strong beliefs that Autism is not going to go away on it’s own. It will take the support of everyone in the world to make an impact. United For Autism is a board and member based organization, we function fully on donations, grants, member dues, sponsorships and the support of volunteers. Our mission is to promote Autism to everyone around the world, and this is not possible with out people like you. You may not think that Autism has no relationship to you but it does. What if you or someone you know found out they had Autism, or a child with Autism? I am sure that you have come in contact with someone living with Autism at one point. It will happen, Autism is on the rise and it is time we make a difference and start helping these individuals. We are a new non-profit organization that can not fully function to the capacity we have set unless we gain the support of people like you. Take second and become familiar with Autism.

Ok, so what is Autism? Autism is one of the 5 disorders under the umbrella of Pervasive Developmental Disorders.

Here is a list of the 5:

Asperger’s Syndrome
Rett’s Syndrome
Childhood Disintegrating Disorder
Autistic markers are as follows:
Routine resistance to change
Difficulty in expressing needs/wants
Repeating words or phrases
Distress for reasons not appropriate to others
Anti-social tendencies or preferring to be by themselves
Lack of affections
No Perception of Danger
Poor eye contact
Inappropriate attachment to objects
Unresponsive or ignores when spoken to
Over/Under sensitive to pain
Annoyed or frightened by loud sounds
sustained odd play
Low tolerance to certain textures of food or items
Autism does not discriminate against anyone, it will strike anyone at anytime. It is time that we all stand together and make a difference in families living with Autism. You can be apart of something amazing. I am the founder of United For Autism, and I have a child living with Autism. My child has Asperger’s Syndrome, he was diagnosed at the young age of 2 1/2 years old. It was heart breaking to know that our baby had Autism. Being the mother of 3 children, my youngest having Autism. I never would have thought that I would have a child with Autism. I never got involved or concerned myself with it until it hit our family. Autism is a family illness and it is stressful on any family, and it can be emotionally stressful as well as financially stressful. These are the two reasons that United For Autism was founded. Our goal is to provide help for these families in tough times when there is no where else to turn.
Please take a moment to visit Let’s Expose Autism Now for more answers to any question you may have. This site is our information site, it has helped many individuals who have questions about Autism. This site will talk about Autism Spectrum Disorders, Therapy, Bio Medical treatments, Supplements, Vaccines, Support links, Helpful topics and articles that are all about Autism. You want to take a moment and become more familiar with what Autism is all about.

We welcome you to take a look at our organization’s website as well and see what we are about. We offer a detailed explanation of what we do and who we are. We represent families with Autism. We hope that you too will join us in our walk together. Together we can make it through. My child may have Autism, but it does not have him! Autism is completely treatable with the right tools. Let’s give these families the much needed equipment they deserve.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about Autism, trust me it was worth it, in the time that you have read this article a child has been diagnosed with Autism. Remember every 20 minutes a child is diagnosed with Autism, start now and make that step to help one of those families.

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