Many of us don’t need help to decide the paths we would like to take before leaving on a motorcycle trip, but if you have exhausted your repertoire of usual rides, here are 10 great destinations that you can add to your list of ‘Dream Rides’.

  1. Arizona

The longest stretch of the old and genuine United States Route 66 is located in western Arizona, covering 90 solitary miles from Seligman to Kingman along the tracks of the Burlington-Northern-Santa Fe.  The railways arrived in the late nineteenth century and the motorways continued into the early 20th century.  Angel Delgadillo lives in Seligman, who was born there 88 years ago and was instrumental in preserving the 66-year-old legend.

  1. Arkansas

The walk around the Buffalo National River in the Ozark Mountains offers endless fun and many opportunities to dust off the wheels.  The Jasper Newton County headquarters on State Route 7 provides a focal point and small roads start in all directions, including through the Ozark National Forest.  A word for the wise: if you find yourself in front of a river, it is better to go around than to end up with a flooded motorcycle.

  1. California

The Big Sur Highway is tucked between the coast and the Santa Lucia mountain range and the 100 mi stretch between Cambria and Carmel, is a popular favorite route amongst the locals.  It is a beautiful journey all year long, assuming that winter rains do not cause landslides.  Two lanes with many curves, mountains on one side and surf foam on the other.  Don’t try to view while the bike is in motion;  stop and then look, it’s much safer.

  1. Canada

Head east to Nova Scotia and there, at the tip of Cape Breton Island, is the North Cape.  The road surrounding the Cape Breton Highlands National Park is called the Cabot Trail (after the 15th century explorer John Cabot) and, in good weather, the 135 mile circuit is one of the continent’s most divine walks.  Not the best hike to take in bad weather and always bring appropriate clothing and good quality motorcycle camping gear if you plan on camping in the park.

  1. Colorado

Schofield Pass (10,707 feet) is not for the faint of heart, and it is one of the most challenging walks in the Rocky Mountains.  In 1880, when silver was king, the 5-mile Gothic highway was built between the marble and Crested Butte mining sites, mostly simply a shelf off the side of the mountain that falls directly into the canyon of the crystal river.  It is a dangerous journey, and only really, very competent should try (according to Wikipedia, the pass claimed 12 victims).

  1. Georgia

It is well known that Chattahoochee National Forest is one of the top best playgrounds for motorcyclists, and the Two Wheels of Suches Motorcycle Campground & Lodge is the place to be.  Founded in the early 1980s by Frank and Jeanie Cheek, the original Two Wheels Only (T.W.O.) Motorcycle Resort hosted over half a million motorcyclists.  DOS.  It closed in 2011 and the property was subsequently purchased by motorcycle enthusiasts and local resident Bill Johnston, who expanded and renovated the facilities.  It was reopened as Two Wheels of Suches in 2014. There are hundreds of miles of two-lane roads to drive, including the Wolf Pen Gap Road (State Route 180), State Route 60 and US Route 129, to name a devilishly twisted few.

  1. Hawaii

For my money, the most fun and least populated island in the state of Hawaii is Kauai, and it’s possible to rent motorcycles there as well.  There are only about one hundred miles of paved road on the island, covering about 550 square miles.  However, the 20-mile Waimea Canyon Drive tour to the 4,000-foot Kalalau Lookout in Kokee State Park makes spending at least one day there essential.  The journey is best done early in the morning, before the tourist crowd.

  1. Idaho

The 160 mile Salmon River Scenic Byway runs along State Route 75 and US Route 93 from the southern end of Stanley, in the Sawtooth Mountains, to the Continental Divide intersection at the 7014 foot Lost Trail pass on the State Border of  Idaho / Montana.  The river is this large waterfall that runs north, parallel to most of the route, shared by fishermen and boatmen.  The forests are full of moose, moose and deer, so it is best to be careful, especially at dawn and dusk.

  1. Italy

The Stelvio Pass from 94545 feet can be the most famous pass in the Alps for motorcyclists, with 48 sharp bends on the north-east side and many curves and tunnels on the south-west side.  The road from Bormio to Prato alla Stelvio is about 30 miles and was built in 1820 to improve trade.  Today it serves mainly bikers and cyclists (very difficult), with some cars and some tour buses.

  1. Kansas

If you want to take a trip through the Great Plains, try US Route 36 UU In the northhern part of Kansas.  There is about a 400 miles stretch from the Missouri River to St. Francis that will give you a true taste of the American Heartland.  One hundred fifty years ago, much of this road was an essential route for train wagons and even, briefly, the Pony Express.  Today it offers the best of the small town of the United States, with friendly people serving eggs and homemade sausages in clean and cheap cafes and motels when you need to sleep. duke energy customer service

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