So you’ve got your dream bag … what does it say about you? Keep reading and find out!

What does your handbag say about you?

Like the clothes you wear, your handbag sends a message. Whatever style handbag you carry, make sure that you take good care of it and keep it well organized. If you take your bag with you to meetings and you’re always riffling around looking for pens through a scuffed up handbag, you won’t send a good message.

In general you can gauge pretty accurately a women’s level of “flashiness” by her handbag. If she’s carrying a zebra print bag, she wants to get noticed. Chances are she’s single and likes to take chances. A woman with a humongous tote that’s virtually empty, spare the essentials, enjoys being pampered and knows what she wants. On the other hand, a girl whose handbag is filled to the brim is on the go and doesn’t like to be left unprepared. She could have kids, too, so having a mobile drugstore comes in handy.

Girls with tiny handbags don’t like being saddled down. They don’t want a bulky handbag keeping them from having a good time. They may also find it difficult to find anything in a big bag and work off the notion that anything she needs can fit into a small clutch or purse. Outside of that, she can turn to her friends with the big bags! But don’t let these generalizations keep you from buying the kind of handbag you like.

When it comes down to it, your handbag should fit your lifestyle. And that doesn’t mean it has to be a big and bulky utilitarian duffel bag or a $3,000 handbag. For example, a Coach or Dooney & Bourke purse is sturdy and practical, and not flashy. These are great “starter” handbags or handbags for younger women or moms on the go. The reasonal price points make them very popular.

Stepping it up a notch are Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors. The prices range from the mid-price range ($400) to expensive (over $1,000), so there are a lot of choices depending on your budget and needs. These bags are also sturdy, roomy and practical.

If you’re all about luxury and live in areas where status counts or you simply demand the very best, brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Prada, LAMB by Gwen Stefani, and Hermes feature exotic and look-at-me designs.

Fendi, in particular, is making exciting design innovations. I think for a long time Fendi was boring, but their recent styles are really exciting, appropriate for the next generation of fashionistas. My only major disappointment is that most of their hottest styles aren’t available online, so you’ll have to find a boutique.

What makes a handbag classic

A classic handbag is not about trends. This bag will remain in your closet for years, if not decades. Its timelessness is characterized by quality craftsmanship, practicality and style.

A classic handbag is made of the finest leather, is expertly stitched and is secured with quality hardware. If properly cared for, a classic handbag can remain a treasured piece for years.

Different types of leather handbags

When it comes to handbags, it pays to know your leathers.

Patent leather: Patent leather has been given a high gloss, shiny finish. The original process was developed in 1818 using a linseed oil-based lacquer coating. Modern patent leather usually has a plastic coating.

Crackled leather: Crackled leather is a technique that gives leather handbags a more texturized, vintage look. The effects can be dramatic or subtle.

Calfskin: Because the leather comes from a calf, the leather is softer, more supple and smooth, almost buttery. Calfskin is used to make fine handbags.

Lambskin: This is more rare type of leather used but the result is an extremely soft leather, similar to calfskin.

Fake designer handbags

Okay, so $1,500 for a handbag is a lot of money to most people, myself included, but buying a knockoff bag is a territory I dare not venture. Even if you get a counterfeit bag that seems indistinguishable from the real deal, you’re supporting crime and let’s face it-those in-the-know, will know. michael kors bags women’s

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