While an MBA may seem like a daunting proposition, it is an excellent way to elevate your critical thinking and problem solving abilities, as well as broaden your network and access to resources. In fact, many students say the most valuable part of their MBA studies was building relationships with classmates from diverse backgrounds, which will be invaluable in their careers as leaders in their respective fields.

Regardless of your specific career goals, an MBA will provide you with the foundational concepts that underpin commercial success. This can help you solve the type of complex and cross-functional challenges that require a more holistic perspective.

Most business schools will frontload required courses into the first year. This means that you will take courses in areas like accounting, economics for management, quantitative analysis (operations research and business statistics), organizational behavior, marketing and strategy. Some programs also offer more specialized elective courses, such as international business (which is particularly helpful for students who want to work abroad) and strategic management.

Many programs have GMAT or GRE requirements. However, some schools are starting to reassess the need for this rite of passage in the face of growing sentiment that these tests are not as effective at evaluating business acumen and professional potential as once thought. If you are planning to apply, focus on the quality of your experience and the strength of your letters of recommendation. Make sure to choose recommenders who will be able to provide concrete examples of your leadership ability, as well as specific accomplishments that prove you are ready for the next level. studium mba

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