Quilling is a time-honored technique that takes plain old paper and transforms it into exquisite pieces of jewelry. It’s easy to think that these intricate shapes look difficult and fragile, but as author Ann Martin shows us in her book The Art of Quilling Paper Jewelry, it is surprisingly easy to create gorgeous, wearable pieces with just two basic shapes: scrolls and coils.

Using the tools and materials from any craft store, anyone can create beautiful and elegant pieces of quilled jewelry with these step-by-step projects. Adding more complex designs as the skill level increases, this book provides an excellent guide to paper crafting for jewelry-making enthusiasts.

The basic ingredients are readily available, with the exception of a needle tool or slotted tool and paper quilling strips. These can be purchased for as little as three dollars at AC Moore. The only other essentials are a non-stick work surface (such as a Styrofoam tray or acrylic sheet) and glue. Many experienced quillers prefer a clear school or craft glue that dries quickly. A small squeeze bottle with a fine tip is also handy for applying the glue. Other helpful tools include tweezers, scissors, a ruler, pins, and a clay modeling tool to help make ring coils or position larger ones in the middle of a design. A light coating of sealant can be applied once the completed piece is finished to keep it sturdy. Creative Paper Quilling brings this time-honored practice into the modern age via these beautiful designs that are sure to adorn any style of fashion. Paper Quilling Jewelry

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