Tennis is a fast-paced sport, so there are a lot of ways to wager on it. You can find traditional markets like match winner and tournament outrights, as well as a range of alternative bet types including set and game winner and handicap betting.

Using the best tools and analysis will help you to make the most accurate predictions. The key is to consider not only world rankings, recent form and head-to-head history but playing styles and court conditions too. A player’s game style on grass, clay, hardcourts, carpet, and indoors needs to be factored in as well as the fact that they may play right-handed or left-handed or perform better against players with a backhand or one-handed serve.

A player’s physical fitness and injury status are also important. If a player is struggling with an issue that affects their movement or speed it will take them longer to get up to top speed and be as effective in their match. This can lead to a loss against a more physically fit opponent.

If a player is on an incredible hot streak but their overall level has not improved it can be a good idea to fade them. Their betting lines will have become inflated by their winning run and they are likely to return to a more normal level in their next match.

In addition to the usual betting markets there are also a number of special bets on offer at online bookmakers. These are often called prop bets and can cover a variety of different events or outcomes in a match. Some are quite simple such as a moneyline (who will win the match) and others can be much more complicated and unrelated to an actual result.

The most popular tennis predicts are posted for matches and tournament outrights, a great way to get in on the action and potentially win big! To make your own tennis prediction simply click the ‘Events’ tab on the OLBG homepage and select the event that you want to bet on. There will be a list of all the popular predictions for that particular match or event displayed here, so have a look through them and choose your favorite!

OLBG has a large community of sports tipsters that create and publish their own predictions for various different sports. You can join this community too and start posting your own tennis predictions on the site today!

Once you have created your prediction and it has been verified by a member of the OLBG team then you will be able to see it appear in the betting markets. You can then use it to place your bets on the upcoming matches and tournaments. There are plenty of different markets to bet on, from ATP and WTA tournament outrights to individual match predictions for both men’s and women’s matches. The odds are updated regularly so you can always find a great selection of betting opportunities for every tennis event that is happening. tennis predicts

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