Whether you are a marathon runner or an office worker, your feet and legs need a little extra love. These merino wool compression socks are the perfect pair to take your comfort level to the next level.

Our ankle and knee-length merino wool socks deliver true graduated compression that tightens at the foot and ankle and loosens as it goes up the leg to help promote healthy circulation from your feet, through your leg, and back up to your heart. This helps to alleviate mild to moderate swelling, soothes tired muscles, prevents blisters and improves postural stability. Our breathable and moisture-wicking merino wool keeps your feet cool, comfortable, dry and odor-free year-round.

The soft feel of merino wool and 200-needle count provides a high degree of flexibility without feeling too bulky. The ribbed top band and seamless toe seam provide an optimal fit. This sock has:

Medical grade merino wool provides heat or cooling depending on the temperature, repels dirt and odor, is itch-free for sensitive skin, and has anti-microbial properties to fight bacteria.

Our 15-20 mmHg Cushioned Compression (Nylon) – OTC delivers the perfect amount of compression to reduce swollen feet and legs. It’s great for pregnant women dealing with natural swelling, office workers spending long hours seated and for anyone who wants to help avoid blood clots and deep vein thrombosis. wool compression socks

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