Teddy bears are classic, cuddly, and a timeless favorite for kids of all ages. Learn to create your own teddy bear using this easy-to-follow pattern. Whether you use Lion Brand’s Go For Faux (super bulky), Sirdar’s Snuggly Bouclette, Yarn Bee Fleece Light, or Premier’s Parfait Chunky, this teddy will be super soft and cuddly!

The character of Stitch is created by the co-writer & director Chris Sanders, who voices the character in all Western-produced media. Ben Diskin voices the character in Eastern-produced media, such as Lilo & Stitch: The Series.

In the movie, Stitch is a genetic experiment created by Dr. Jumba Jookiba to cause chaos throughout the galaxy. He is arrested by the Grand Councilwoman and assigned to a desert asteroid with Gantu as his warden, but escapes by disguising himself as a dog, which he is subsequently adopted by Lilo, who names him Stitch. Through his mischievous behavior, Stitch develops a sense of responsibility and learns the Hawaiian concept of ohana from Lilo, becoming part of her family.

After successfully capturing Jumba’s other experiments, Stitch convinces the Grand Councilwoman that they should stay on Earth with Lilo as their warden, citing her dog adoption certificate (although she is still suspicious of Stitch). The pair find a home on the island of Kauai and begin to reform Jumba’s 625 prior experiments, who they view as their cousins. During this process, Stitch encounters Leroy, an enhanced clone of himself, who takes advantage of his lapse in concentration to defeat him. Stitch Teddys

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