Has your once-pristine conservatory seen better days? Are you starting to wonder if you should renovate this wonderful place of relaxation so that it’s restored to its former glory? Like anything in life, conservatories have a shelf life, but advances in construction today mean you can have your old conservatory looking – and performing – like new in no time.

You may especially want to consider replacing the roof on your conservatory if it’s no longer up to the job. Over the years it may have suffered storm damage, for instance, and be badly weakened; it might be leaking or even sagging. Its colour may well have faded over the years and if there’s poor insulation, you’ll be wasting lots of money on heating that you really need not be.

Certainly, you want to be able to enjoy your conservatory, and if you find that it’s just too hot in the summer months and far too cold in the winter, as well as possibly letting in rainwater, you should consider replacing the roof. So what can you expect if you get a new one?

For starters, more light. The panels on your existing roof can be replaced with glazed ones that will allow a lot more light in, instantly beautifying the area. You can also get complete design flexibility in the new roof so that it fits with whatever your requirements are.

As importantly, a new roof on your conservatory will provide greater heat efficiencies as it will provide a much higher rate of thermal insulation, keeping you warm during the winter and preventing heat wastage. During the summer months you can enjoy a much cooler conservatory, because most of the heat from the sun will be reflected and so you won’t have that uncomfortable feeling as if you were in a hothouse.

You’ll find that the sturdy materials your new roof is made from will be better able to withstand the stormy weather in this country, and it will also be extremely easy to clean and maintain. You’ll also have total peace of mind with your new conservatory, because it will come with a guarantee so it will be fixed at no charge if anything should go wrong.

Giving your conservatory a modern, sturdy and attractive new roof will add years to its life and add value to your home as well as enhancing your enjoyment of your conservatory for many more years to come. replacing conservatory roof with solid roof

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