A portable fire pump is a specialized piece of equipment used to quickly draw water from a source, like a lake, river or water tank, and deliver it at high pressure. This helps to extinguish fires or control them until additional resources can arrive. They are often carried on fire trucks or trailers and designed to be easy to transport to the scene of a fire emergency.

Typically, portable fire pumps have an electric motor that generates the necessary water flow and pressure to meet the requirements of a fire suppression system. They may also be equipped with a backup recoil engine or exhaust priming systems for additional reliability. To maximize performance, select a portable fire pump with a flow rate that matches the gallons per minute (GPM) and pressure of the intended use. Also consider the suction and discharge sizes to ensure that the pump can connect easily to the hoses, fittings and nozzles that will be used.

Many manufacturers offer lightweight, compact designs that make these fire pumps easy to transport to the site of a fire. Additionally, they may be available with a range of optional accessories to address specific requirements. For instance, some models feature a built-in tool box for storing firefighting tools and other auxiliary items. Others have fuel tanks that allow them to operate for longer periods of time without having to refill. portable fire pump

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