A good RV refrigerator is critical, especially when traveling. There are many issues that can cause your fridge to stop working, some that you can fix yourself with basic DIY skills, others requiring a professional technician to perform the necessary rv refrigerator repair. Some problems may require a complete fridge replacement. If you are unsure about your ability to handle the repair, check with your refrigerator’s manufacturer for a list of dealers or service centers.

If the refrigerator runs fine while connected to your coach’s 12-volt DC battery but not when plugged into 110V AC power, there is a problem with the electrical circuit that controls the heating element. You can try resetting the breaker, but this is often a sign of a larger electrical issue that requires a professional technician to fix.

Similarly, if your fridge is cold on gas but not electric, it’s likely because the thermostat (or thermistor) has called for cooling. The corresponding circuit board opens the LP gas valve and sends high voltage to the igniter, which lights a flame that heats the evaporator coils inside the fridge. If you can see a flame but don’t hear or feel a spark, you need to replace the electronic ignition and circuit board.

The simplest way to test this is to look for voltage at the heating element when it is powered up. If there is no voltage, the element has burned out and will need to be replaced. You can test this by applying a small amount of household voltage to the element (while it’s connected) to see if it produces a spark. If not, the element is burnt out and the refrigerator will never work again unless you replace it. rv accessories

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