There are others that have come and gone,

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 and been banished from digital bookshelves due to their over complex control panels. Roulette Reaper is designed to do what it says on the tin, to reap the chips off the roulette table. It is clean, clear and simple to use, and consistently delivers results. It is also the only piece of roulette beating software that is 100% free, and only asks that customers pay the low price of $39.95 if they wish to continue using the software. The trial is long enough so that you can earn more than double the purchase price in less than an hour of using the system. So why aren’t the casinos banning this software? Roulette Reaper is a stand alone application that is undetectable by the casinos. It is far to difficult for any online casino to prove that you have been using the software, as they cannot see what goes on behind your screen. People wager billions of dollars in online casinos every week, you are simply just a small droplet in water in an ocean of people that are using the casinos. How does it work? The Roulette Reaper application utilises 5 separate outside betting patterns that require micro bets of $1 (or L1 or €1) with small increments to ensure that you are never exposed to large risky bets. The betting sequences use a combination of probability and math in order to exploit betting opportunities to produce profit.  live dealer casino games

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