Residential locksmiths work with a variety of locks for homes, including cylinder locks, deadbolts and padlocks. They install new locks, rekey existing ones and help homeowners with lock upgrades or repair services. They can also install security systems, such as burglar alarms.

The most common reason to call a locksmith is when you get locked out of your home. Locksmiths are trained to deal with these situations without causing any damage to your door or windows. They can open your door quickly and provide you with spare keys as well.

Many people have different keys for the front door, back door and access doors to the garage or shed. This can be a hassle, and it increases the chances of losing one of the keys. A residential locksmith can help by rekeying the existing locks so that one key operates all of them.

Locks break or wear out over time, due to use and metal fatigue. This can result in them being stuck inside the lock, and it may be difficult to remove them manually. Residential locksmiths can cut a new key, rekey the lock or replace it altogether, depending on what is needed.

A residential locksmith can provide advice about the best home security solutions for your needs and budget. They can also help you choose and install a home safe, which is a secure box that is designed to store valuables and important documents. Home safes are a great deterrent against thieves and other intruders, as they are difficult to break into.

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