COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio Governor Mike DeWine today announced the launch of a statewide eWarrant system that will reduce warrant filing errors and speed up the time it takes for police to enter state and federal background checks. The new eWarrants system was developed in partnership between the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOPC), the Pennsylvania Justice Network (JNET), and local courts and law enforcement agencies. The first agency to use eWarrants, Meigs County Common Pleas Court, has reduced bench warrant filing time from days to just 12 minutes.

The eWarrants solution was built by FusionStak, a cloud-based technology company. The company is backed by a dynamic team of professionals who have a passion for public safety and are committed to building the world’s best warrant management system.

Ewarrants was built to meet the unique needs of the criminal justice system by allowing users to create any eWarrant such as an arrest or search warrant or a blood test search warrant from anywhere. It also enables law enforcement to contact the judiciary through a browser embedded secure video conference.

A clerical error in a warrant can have severe consequences, such as the forfeiture of a defendant’s bond and/or an order of release, or even the forfeiture of their property. The new eWarrants solution is designed to prevent such errors by automatically checking for existing warrants and updating them with the correct information before they are filed electronically. The system will also notify an officer if a warrant contains overly broad language that might render it invalid. Ewarrants

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