A cabinet maker is a professional who designs, builds, and installs custom cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom. Their years of experience and industry expertise allow them to bring your design ideas to life, factoring in any complexities that may arise during construction. This ensures a beautiful, seamless finish for your remodeling project.

A quality cabinetmaker will take the time to get to know you, your vision, and your goals for the space. They will also use their creativity to develop non-conventional concepts that will help you make the most of your space and create an exceptional look for your remodel.

Another great thing about working with a cabinetmaker is that they will have close relationships with materials suppliers. This means you will likely get better rates on the materials for your cabinetry because they will be ordering them in large quantities. They will also have access to higher-quality materials than what is typically found at big box stores.

When looking for a cabinetmaker, ask friends and family for recommendations and visit their websites. A reputable cabinetmaker will have testimonials and pictures of past projects that they can share with you. Ask about the timeline for the project and how the cabinetmaker handled any bumps in the road that arose during the remodel.

A few cabinetmakers to consider include KraftMaid, which is ranked 6th on DWELL44’s list of the best cabinet brands, as well as Snaidero. The latter is an upscale manufacturer, known for their chic European look and a focus on practicality. kitchen cabinet makers

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