In a time when many people need a little extra push, these motivational jewelry pieces are the perfect pick-me-up. From engraved messages to symbolic shapes and words, these bracelets, necklaces and rings are all designed with meaningful messages to inspire the wearer and keep them moving toward their goals.

For example, the LVL Collective Bracelet with “believe,” “hope” and “live” engraved on it is an everyday reminder to be grateful for what you have and to stay positive. This collection also uses the power of crystals with healing properties, such as this ring that promotes courage and features a Cambodian-made tiger’s eye stone for strength. The bracelet also supports anti-human trafficking efforts in Cambodia.

Another piece that inspires and motivates is the Believe necklace from etsy seller The Brave Collection, featuring a quote from Italian writer Roberto Saviano urging you to be bold and not afraid, inscribed on a sterling silver charm. It’s a constant reminder to be courageous and believe that the universe will give you everything you want, based on the law of attraction.

Inspirational jewelry is also a great gift for those in your life who need a little extra boost. Whether they need to remember that they are strong and capable or that they have the support of those around them, these beautiful necklaces and bracelets will help them feel empowered to take on their biggest challenges. For a special grandmother, try a ring or necklace featuring the birthstones of each grandchild to show her how much they mean to her. motivational jewelry

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