in store marketing is a way for brick and mortar stores to promote themselves in their physical locations. It includes a wide range of tactics from flashy product displays to special promotions at the end of an aisle to eye-catching signage. This type of marketing can help businesses build customer loyalty, take market share from competitors and grow their brand.

Many companies use in-store promotional tools like lowering the price of products, offering buy 1, get 1 promos and bundling services together to increase their market share and customer base. Others have in-store events like cooking classes, yoga or painting sessions to connect with customers and increase brand awareness.

Modern customers research products and solutions online before they head to a brick and mortar store. In-store marketing helps bridge that gap by ensuring that the experience they have in store matches up with what they saw or learned about online. It can also introduce customers to new products that they might not have looked for before visiting your store.

Most point-of-sale and credit card processing systems allow you to collect your customers email addresses and send them email newsletters. You can personalize these emails by targeting specific groups of customers based on their shopping habits. For example, if someone bought a printer, you could automatically send them a reminder to buy ink when it comes time to replace it. You can also encourage your in-store staff to ask their customers to post photos of the products they purchased or before and after images from a service to expand your social media reach.

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