Generally, people are not fully aware of what YouTube TV is. While watching TV, when you tune into live sports, sitcoms, dramas, and other types of programs. Tonnes of contents are available to choose from but are limited on how to watch it. With TV, we cannot watch any content whenever we want without a contract. And also, we don’t have access to fancy TV features like a DVR. However, YouTube decided to improve this part. YouTube has designed ‘live TV’ especially for the YouTube generation. Now, it is easier with this feature for people to watch whatever they want at their preferred time. 

Channels available on YouTube TV:

More than 85 channels are included on YouTube TV, which are:

  • CBS.
  • Fox.
  • NBC.
  • Also, cable players, including FX and USA.

YouTube TV provides approx 10 sports networks that are Fox Sports, NBCSN, and ESPN. It will include local affiliates as well, which will allow you to watch the news from the same channels you did on air. For an additional price, you get to add Showtime. It can be said that YouTube TV stands equal to Hulu and Sling TV. Both of the streaming services offer access to live TV from sports and cable players networks. The lists of streaming channels include such:

  • BBC America.
  • TBS.
  • AMC.
  • CNN.
  • TNT.
  • Cartoon Network.
  • MLB Network.
  • NBA TV.
  • IFC.
  • Sundance TV.
  • We TV.
  • Adult Swim.
  • TruTV.
  • Turner Classic TV. 

What are the add-on channels offered on YouTube TV?

Yes, YouTube provides users with few add-on packages to purchase, such as:

  • Acorn ($6).
  • ALL BLK ($5).
  • AMC+ ($7).
  • Cinemax ($10).
  • Hallmark Movies Now ($6).
  • HBO Max ($15).
  • HBO ($15).
  • IFC Films Unlimited ($6).
  • Showtime ($11).
  • STARZ ($).
  • Shudder ($6).
  • Sports Plus ($10.99).
  • Urban Movie Channel ($5).
  • We TV+ ($6).
  • Sundance Now ($7).
  • MLB.TV ($25/month or $130 for the season).

What does it feature?

Unlimited Cloud DVR Storage

Besides live TV from major networks, it includes unlimited cloud DVR storage. This feature allows you to add a show or sports team to your favorite list and will save the content automatically. The cloud DVR can record shows as many as you want without needing space or data on your phone. And you can stream recordings from your preferred device at any time. According to Google, each of your recordings will be stored for nine months. Also, it offers a feature of rewind or fasts forward the DVR content. It makes skipping the commercials easy and quick. 

Availability on all screens

You must be wondering that on which platform it works. Well, it is safe to say that YouTube TV’s mobile app works on both iOS and Android. With this feature, you can easily watch YouTube TV on your computer, tablet, or phone. It can be stream to your TV with Google Chromecast in-built TV or a Google Chromecast. It is well designed to work with Google Home and allows to stream shows via Home on Chromecast. And worry not, yes, there is a YouTube TV app available for big-screen TVs.  buy youtube views

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