A type speed test is a practical assessment that measures an applicant’s typing ability while working with an actual passage of text. A candidate is given a time limit to complete the task, and their results show their raw typing speed (WPM), their corrected typing speed (CPM), and their total number of errors made during the test. The higher their CPM and WPM, the better their typing skills are.

As the world becomes more dependent on technology, quick typing skills are becoming increasingly important for many workplace roles. A good typing speed is around 40 to 60 wpm, and can help employees complete tasks more quickly, boosting productivity in the process.

To improve your typing speed, try to practice daily. The more you practice, the faster your muscle memory will develop, meaning that over time, you won’t need to think about where each key is located – you will just know. Ensure you are using the correct keyboard layout (ASDF), and keep your fingers relaxed, curved over each key. This will help you to avoid finger fatigue, and also prevent ‘tight’ fingers that can be slow to recover from intense typing sessions.

Whether you are looking for a job or are currently employed, a high typing speed is a must have skill. Use our free typing tests to see how fast you can type, and then improve your skills with some practice! type speed test

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