There’s a lot to love about Phoenix, from the city’s iconic zoo and botanical gardens to its vibrant art scene and eclectic restaurants. However, the city’s busy lifestyle can sometimes leave residents in need of reliable, consistent cleaning services. If you’re a Phoenix resident in need of maid service, the choice between employing a house cleaner directly or securing the services of a professional cleaning company comes down to personal preference and priorities.

Generally speaking, hiring an individual cleaner can be more cost-effective than securing the services of a professional Phoenix cleaning company, but it also doesn’t offer the reliability and professionalism that a revered company like Slate can. Slate, for example, offers hourly packages and a simple pricing system that ensures you won’t get charged more than what you need.

A number of factors influence the average cleaning service price in Phoenix, from the size of your space to the frequency of your services. The good news is that most reputable house cleaning companies are flexible and willing to accommodate your specific needs.

One such cleaning service in Phoenix is Peak Cleaning Service, a locally-owned and -operated company that dispatches teams of background-checked house cleaners to Phoenix residents on weekly, biweekly, or monthly schedules. These professionals perform a variety of tasks, from sweeping and vacuuming to mopping and dusting surfaces in bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, and kitchens. They can also sanitize kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures, and cabinets using environmentally-friendly, pet-safe, and child-safe cleaning products. best house cleaning Phoenix

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