Playlists are a great way to organize videos on YouTube. They also help you increase engagement with your videos and turn viewers into subscribers.

When you create a playlist on YouTube, you have the option to make it public (anyone can see it) or private (only you can view it). If you are using the platform for business purposes, it’s best to create a public list of videos. Once you’ve created a list, you can edit it to add a description and video thumbnails. You can also reorder videos and delete videos from a playlist.

There are several ways to create a youtube playlist, but the most common is by adding videos to your channel or from other channels. When you view a video on YouTube, you can select the “Add to playlist” button located under the video. This will open the window where you can choose to add a video from your channel, search for a video using keywords or paste in a video URL. Once you’ve selected a video, click add video to playlist and your list will update to show the new addition.

When creating a youtube playlist, be sure to include an eye-catching thumbnail that will encourage viewers to click on the video. The playlist description will also be visible in search results, so it’s important to create a compelling copy that reflects what the playlist is all about. You can have up to 5000 characters in a playlist description, but this will be shortened in the listing so start with a short copy that clearly outlines what the playlist is about.

Since playlists are shown separately from any individual video on your channel, you can optimize them around specific keywords that people may be searching for. This will allow you to rank for the same keyword without having to create a video on that topic.

A good youtube playlist has a flow to it. It should tell a story that begins and ends with the same theme or topic. For example, if you are doing a series of how-to videos on something, end each video with a cliffhanger and give the viewer an idea of what they will be learning next in the next video in the sequence. This will encourage viewers to watch all the videos in the playlist and will also give your brand credibility by showing that you are experts in the subject matter.

YouTube wants you to spend more time on its site, so they prioritize playlists in the algorithm and show them separately from individual videos. This is why it’s important to treat your playlists as assets and optimize them for the keywords that you think your audience will be searching for. You can also create an introductory playlist video that welcomes viewers and explains what they will be learning from the videos in the playlist. This will help you rank for the keywords that your audience is searching for and will lead to more views. youtube playlist

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