Building a YouTube community is key to growing your channel. Having an active community of viewers that interact with your videos can drive engagement on the platform, whether that be through likes, comments or even channel subscriptions. This is why many creators work hard at creating an engaging environment for their subscribers on YouTube. They want to make sure that their audience is hooked on their content so they continue to engage with the channel and take action (like rewatching a video or buying merch).

One way to build a strong community is through the use of YouTube’s Community tab. The tab is a great place for creators to share casual updates, behind-the-scenes photos, personal news and more with their audience. It also allows creators to promote upcoming videos and merch products.

The most popular type of Community post is the poll, and for good reason! Polls are a great way to get your viewers engaged in the channel and can help you generate excitement for a new video. Make sure that you create an interesting question that is relevant to your channel, and keep the answer choices short and sweet to maximize user participation. Also, try experimenting with image polls to see what your audience responds best to.

It’s also important to create Community posts that celebrate milestones and successes on the channel. This could be as simple as announcing your latest subscriber count or letting your viewers know that you’re excited to see their positive responses to your videos. This can be done through text-based posts, GIFs or images. Remember to tag other channels in your posts by using the ‘@’ symbol followed by their name to add more visibility. Building a YouTube community

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