In a world where businesses are facing a skills gap in areas like data science, cloud and cybersecurity, it’s more important than ever to show your employer that you’re a skilled professional. IT certifications are one way to do this, as they validate your skills and give you a credential that’s recognized in the industry.

In addition to being a great way to demonstrate your IT expertise, getting a certification can also provide an edge when it comes to finding a job. Hiring managers often ignore CVs from candidates who don’t have a relevant certification, so if you decide to get certified it can boost your chances of landing the role you’re applying for.

Many IT certifications require you to learn specific skills before you’re able to take the exam. These skills are then verified by the body responsible for granting the certification. This means that you’ll have more credibility when promoting yourself or discussing your work with colleagues, as you can back up what you claim to know.

In some cases, an IT certification can even provide you with unique resources that are only available to people who have earned a particular certification. For example, if you earn Cisco’s CCNA credential it will grant you access to a range of free tools and guides that can help you improve your networking knowledge. Having these resources at your disposal can make it easier to expand your professional network and build new relationships in the industry.

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