Whether you’re looking for promotional items to give away at a corporate event or want to create fun socks as a thoughtful gift to loyal clients, custom logo socks are a unique way to promote your brand. Learn more about custom socks with logos, how they are made and the different types of logo techniques used on these popular socks to make them stand out.

The process of adding a logo to a sock is similar to that of printing a garment. A sock manufacturer uses a heat press at high temperatures to transfer the design onto the sock. The paper embeds itself into the material of the sock and when it cools, the image is presented. This is a fast and economical option for small orders of socks with logos, but it may not work for all types of dress socks.

Another method of adding a logo to a specialized type of sock is knitting the image onto the fabric using a jacquard or knitting technique. This is a more time-consuming process, but it can provide a higher quality result than printing. It’s also an excellent choice for socks with logos for corporate events, as these types of garments are often worn in public and can be easily identified by others.

Creating custom socks with a logo is easy, and the options are nearly endless. Choose a style like the Downtown Logo (LDTWN) sock that allows for your choice of bottom and diamond color along with upper dots, foot and lower dots colors, then upload a logo to be knitted into each premium sock that features arch compression, cushioned foot and ProDRI antimicrobial properties. Once you approve a digital mockup, your socks with logo should ship within two to three weeks. custom logo socks

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