A good gaming mechanical keyboard will make your work and play faster and more enjoyable. They’re usually quieter than membrane keyboards and have more features to customize your experience. They also offer a tactile and speedy response that can give you an edge in games.

When you press a key on a mechanical keyboard, it actually presses a switch inside the keyboard. The switch is a mechanical device that has plastic and metal springs and metal electrical connectors. When you depress a key, the switch and spring create a circuit with the keyboard’s printed circuit board (PCB), which registers the input to your computer.

You can find a wide range of switches in gaming keyboards, which can impact how they feel and sound. For example, you can choose from linear, tactile, and clicky switches. Linear switches have a lighter bump that helps prevent fatigue during typing, while tactile and clicky switches provide distinct feedback that can help you locate keys quickly in split-second decision-making situations.

Other key factors to consider include whether the switches are hot-swapable, which means you can remove the old ones and replace them with new ones. The plate that holds the switches is often also a factor, as it provides stability and can influence the overall feel of the keyboard in use. Enthusiasts sometimes alter the plates to create different feels or aesthetics.

For a high-performance gaming keyboard with great ergonomics, look for an ergo model with Cherry MX mechanical switches. Our top pick, the Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB, is an excellent option that doesn’t skimp on performance. It has a great layout and offers RGB lighting on a per-key basis. It even has a separate wrist rest to help reduce strain on the wrists and hands. gaming mechanical keyboard

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