If you are interested in becoming an automotive locksmith, you need to get the most advanced tools to decode and change the advanced remote keyless entry system. You will need equipment like key blanks, fobs, program software, decoding and key cutting device.

If you have licensed yourselves as automotive locksmith, the first thing you need to do is get yourselves the integrated tools to replace or make the new locks for vehicles. You can provide better services to your clients, if you are equipped with the efficient tools. The recent models of vehicles are enabled with the technologically advanced remote keyless systems, so you must have tools that you can use to cater to the requirements of your clients. Different equipment needed for replacing the transponder keys are key cutting machine, key blanks, remotes, software, picks and decoders.

Vehicles are equipped with the transponder keys that use radio waves transmission to communicate with the system installed in the vehicle. In order to provide better services, make sure you know everything about the transponder keys. There is a transponder that lies inside the head of the key and transmits radio signals to the system that is installed right behind the steering wheel in the car. This device works as a receiver and responds to the signals emitted by the key.

The micro chip residing inside the key comes with an encrypted code which is also assigned to the receiver. This code is defined to each key and its receiving system individually. When the transponder in the chip transmits the signals, the receiver identifies them and verifies the code of the key. When the code is matched with the receiver, the keyless entry system performs the given functions.

The keyless entry system has a remote, also known as fob, that comes with or without buttons. Some systems correspond only when the user presses the buttons whereas others detect the radio frequencies within the range and respond to them. The range of the radio waves vary for different models of the vehicles. The system that detects the radio signals itself has a relatively shorter range in comparison to the ones that have manually operated remote keys.

The automatic remote keyless entry system locks the car doors as soon as the keys pass the specified range limits. With the push buttons remote keys, the user has to press the buttons to lock the doors. Besides locking the doors, the keyless entry system starts the engine without inserting the keys into the lock. Some keys are programmed to activate/deactivate the car alarm, shut down/start up the fuel pump and open the trunk for the driver.

When an owner loses his transponder key, you will have to program a brand new key. For that you must have a stock of key blanks. Key blanks are the new keys that can be programmed to match with the system installed in the car. These blanks are laser cut to match with the ignition and then programmed in accordance with the system to enable it to operate the vehicle. To make key blanks work, you will have to get a key cutting machine and software to program them.

In addition to that you will need a range of automotive picks and decoder tools in order to open the vehicles without damaging the locking systems. If you search online, you will find a few companies that offer automotive locksmith supplies at affordable prices. These companies offer the latest locksmith tools for different makes and models of vehicles. Residential locksmith services

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