France Telecom S.A. is the main telecommunications company in France, the third-largest in Europe and one of the largest in the world. It currently employs about 180,000 people (half outside France) and has 192.7 million customers worldwide (2010). In 2010 the group had revenue of €45.5 billion.

France Telecom is a communications access provider offering customers access through multiple platforms. The four key platforms France Telecom operates are:

1. fixed line telephone, mainly in France and Poland.

2. broadband access.

3. mobile phone telephony.

4. most recently, IPTV, though currently only in France and Spain, with MaLigne TV, now known as Orange TV.

France Telecom has already begun merging the different internal divisions managing each platform and they now almost all operate under the Orange brand.

The French national phone equipment and data/internet service operator is setting its sights on expansion in Latin America and plans to penetrate the market through its Orange Business Services division. This would create competition with Spanish Telefónica, a major player in the local markets.

France Telecom is interested in expanding its mobile & fixed line phone system in Latin America, and has moved to increase tenfold the capacity of its network in the region. One of the reasons that led to this decision is growing demand from multinational corporations.

This expansion will be launched before the end of the year and will cover primarily Brazil and Chile, and then continue with Argentina, Peru and Panama. This new network, which may also provide business VoIP service VoIP service, will connect Latin America with the East Coast of the United States through Brazil and the subcontinent to the West Coast from Chile, with Peru and Panama.

The upgrade will improve the quality of service to customers and help increase their ability to meet service requirements.

The French multinational will strengthen its regional presence through its Orange Business Services division. Currently, this division has 122 points of presence in a total of 31 countries in the Americas and hopes to accelerate its expansion in the region to improve services for current customers and also add new customers, particularly in the enterprise segment. best iptv

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