Living and working in Singapore as a foreigner can be expensive. Between renting a place to live, paying for food, and sending money back home to your family, it can take a lot of your earnings to keep you above water. And sometimes financial emergencies just happen.

Thankfully, banks and licensed moneylenders here offer foreigner loan singapore for those who need a little extra cash to meet their needs. The process and requirements can vary, but they’re usually similar to a standard personal loan for Singaporeans. However, it’s important to remember that these types of loans can carry higher effective interest rates than those offered to citizens.

In most cases, banks will only lend to foreigners who can provide proof of employment and income. They may also require a guarantor in case you don’t have a credit score. Additionally, the bank will look at your intent and ability to stay in Singapore throughout your loan tenor.

Licensed moneylenders often have a shorter loan processing time than banks. They’ll generally only take a day or so to review your application, which is important because they want to ensure that you can afford the payments and that you won’t default on the debt. It’s best to prepare the required documents ahead of time so you don’t waste any more time waiting around for the loan to be processed.

The most common requirement for a foreigner loan in Singapore is a valid passport, proof of income (as evidenced by pay slips or tax return), and an address that’s been verified as your current location. In addition to these essentials, there might be some other requirements depending on the bank or moneylender.

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