When you’re on the road for weeks or even months, an efficient refrigerator is essential. Some rv refrigerators are little more than well-ventilated coolers, which can work fine when you’re traveling short distances and need only to cool beverages. For longer trips, you want a fridge that’s big enough to hold vegetables, leftovers and all the other perishables you might need.

RV refrigerators can be powered by a number of different power sources including LP gas (propane) or 120V AC shore or power. The most flexible models are two-way – they can run on either power source. They can also pre-cool on the LP or AC setting to help them start up faster. Popular brands like Norcold and Dometic offer a range of two-way and three-way fridges.

Most rv refrigerators use a compressor that works the same way as home refrigerators. Pressurized refrigerant gets hot, then passes through a series of fins where it condenses into a liquid. The liquid then draws the heat out of the refrigerator compartment, cooling it to the temperature you set. The refrigerant then returns to the compressor, and the cycle repeats.

Thermoelectric refrigerators are a little different, but they still cool your food. They use moving electrical current to bring warm air in one end, and cool air out the other – it’s less efficient than compressor or absorption fridges.

A 12V vent fan at the back of your fridge can make a big difference in energy efficiency – it removes excess heat that prevents the fridge from cooling as effectively. And, of course, you’ll want to regularly defrost your fridge, and keep it clean and free of obstructions that could prevent proper airflow. rv refrigerators

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