A divorce mediation lawyer is an attorney who specializes in helping couples who are going through a divorce avoid litigation and reach a settlement. While spouses are typically required to participate in divorce mediation, some choose not to have their own lawyers and instead work with a mediator. A good divorce mediator is an impartial third party who helps the two sides to come up with a solution that works for them. However, a good mediator does not offer solutions for the spouses. Instead, they help spouses communicate and collaborate.

Divorce mediation is most effective when both parties are open to compromise and communicating respectfully. It can also save money compared to litigating issues such as child custody and property division. In addition, a mediated settlement can help to reduce stress for both parties. If the parties are unable to reach a complete agreement during mediation or later in the process (typically through their lawyers), they will have to go to trial to resolve any unresolved issues.

While there are some positives to mediation, it is not right for everyone. For example, if one spouse is hiding assets or engaging in abuse, mediation may not be the right option. Furthermore, spouses can be exposed to a lack of transparency during mediation and have little ability to determine whether their partner is being honest in the negotiations. For these reasons, it is a good idea for spouses to consult with an experienced New York divorce lawyer about the benefits and disadvantages of mediation vs. hiring a lawyer to represent them in divorce proceedings. divorce mediation lawyer

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