If you are looking for a solution to recite ruqyah for healing or other ailments then this is the product for you. These dissolvable quran ruqyah paper are made up of selected verses from the Quran that are known to cure many diseases. You can also use them to make ruqyah water yourself and use it for drinking, washing and spraying. These sheets contain 45 ayats that are written on a single double-sided A4 sheet, and is sufficient for a 21 day treatment program.

There is a group of scholars who consider it permissible to write the Names of Allah Almighty or a verse from the Quran on a piece of paper, tablet, dish, or vessel that is washed with water and given to a person to drink as a remedy. They cite a narration on the authority of Ibn Abbaas.

This method is not considered to be Ruqyah As Shar’eeya because one of the conditions is that it be recited while writing with a pure pen or substance that will dissolve, while this is not done in the case of the Ruqyah of Ayyoob As-Sa’idi and some of the salaf.

Some people also claim that they can detect jinn by the way they smell, by smelling the skin of a wolf or by looking at them. They also claim that they can remove jinn by reading the name of Allah. They are not acting according to the Sunnah and are taking advantage of the gulaal of people.

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