Shutters have been used on windows, in this country, since the Seventeen Hundreds. Albeit, used for protection from thieves and inclement weather, but nevertheless, each home had shutters. Today shutters are used in certain parts of the country for the same reason, protection from inclement or harsh weather, and also for decorative reasons. In parts of the country where weather is not a problem decorative window shutters are used most

Decorative window shutters are not shutters with pictures painted on them but shutters that add a certain aesthetic beauty to the windows of the house on which they are installed. Some classic or vintage homes use shutters to produce a more viable account of the style of the house. For instance, if you have a house built in the federal style you would definitely want shutters that were popular in the late Seventeen to the early Eighteen hundreds. If you have a log cabin style home you would want more rustic looking shutters made for your windows. Whatever the style of your house, it exudes a more elegant look and has more of what the real estate people like to call “curb appeal”. Many shutters are stationary and do not open and close and are there just for decorative and aesthetic purposes.

Not all shutters are outdoors. There are decorative window shutters for the windows in the house. These shutters can be made of wood or vinyl and can be made in two parts, upper and lower. Made similar to cafe curtains where the top can be opened separately to let in the light while the lower part of the shutters can be left closed. This can be done in reverse also, the bottom can be opened to let in light and air and the top can be left closed. This style of decorative shutters can be used in a child’s room or nursery, kitchen or dining area or anywhere in the house. Shutters made of wood can change colors with the decor of the house by painting them to match the room in which they are installed. Shutter blinds Newcastle

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