Grip socks have become popular for their ability to reduce internal slipping between the foot and shoe. This can be a major obstacle for sports players. Slipping decreases agility and energy efficiency and may be the difference between crushing defeat and thrilling victory.

Designed to increase the friction between the sock and shoe, grip socks have been shown to improve contact between sock and boot and are sometimes made with materials with high frictional properties such as rubber. The use of grip socks is a common practice in team sports, where athletes are often required to perform high-intensity explosive actions. These actions involve rapid acceleration and deceleration, changes of direction and high-speed running. These types of activities place a significant load on the feet and ankles and require adequate traction to avoid injuries and maximise performance.

Football grip socks have been a recent innovation with the introduction of specialised features that claim to help players with ball and movement control. This article will examine the evidence behind these claims and explore how these specialised socks are designed to enhance the contact between foot and shoe and therefore performance.

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