Custom grip socks are a sporting revolution, allowing athletes to push themselves further with confidence and minimise injury risk. They create the perfect amount of friction between the foot and shoe, reducing in-shoe movement, improving agility and enhancing stability.

Grip socks also lock the ankle in place, keeping the whole foot stable and preventing them from slipping. They often feature rubber grip pads in the bottom of the sock, which can be printed with dots or lines. They are made from premium quality, breathable materials and are comfortable to wear. This reduces the amount of sweating in the feet, and coupled with less movement within the shoes, significantly decreases blisters.

The popularity of grip socks has grown massively in recent years. Previously reserved only for professionals and elite sportspeople, they are now available to anyone who wants to improve their performance and comfort. They are ideal for a range of physical activities, including yoga, Pilates and barre classes, as they prevent participants from slipping on hard floors.

There are a few brands of grip socks on the market. One of the most popular is SR4U, who have a specialised woven grip pattern in their socks. Vypr and Falke are two other reputable makers, both of whom have unique grip pad patterns and quality materials in their products. custom grip socks

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